On a mission to eradicate the devastating results of plastic, supplies innovation specialists von Holzhausen have developed a plastic-free topcoat that opens the door for limitless functions. 

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The corporate is addressing the long-standing problem of plastic as a topcoat getting used throughout myriad industries. For many years, it’s adorned automotive seats, purses, hardwood and even cereal packing containers. This waxy protectant is sourced from petroleum, and everyone knows that’s not an environmentally-friendly transfer. 

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Von Holzhausen’s response to the issue of petroleum-based plastics takes form in its Liquidplant know-how, providing a sturdy topcoat made totally from crops. The fabric can be utilized to guard any variety of present and generally used supplies, comparable to leather-based and artificial leather-based. Nonetheless, it actually shines within the sustainability sector when coupled with the corporate’s proprietary Terra Backing, which is created from agricultural waste.

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The corporate’s preliminary purpose was to create another for our present reliance on plastic coatings, which improves sturdiness on merchandise. Whereas Liquidplant is that different, von Holzhausen went a step additional in creating the plant-based backing materials as nicely.

“Leather-based is a $116B trade with catastrophic results on local weather change,” the corporate stated. “Alternatively, artificial leather-based (which to many looks as if the answer), is a $78B trade. Nonetheless, each industries depend on plastic topcoats, a trillion greenback trade to make them sturdy and long-lasting which is why plastic has remained pervasive. The Liquidplant topcoat replaces the plastic topcoat that perpetuates our reliance on petroleum, which stays in landfills for hundreds of years and breaks down into dangerous microplastics.” 

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Lastly, Liquidplant is an all-natural product created from corn sugar, castor oil and flaxseed oil. It’s biodegradable, but provides long-lasting safety on materials of our period, comparable to cactus leather-based, paper, wooden and mycelium. It may also be used on present supplies, comparable to animal leather-based and plastic to maintain them in circulation longer and decrease pointless waste.

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